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September 14, 2022

An interview with author, ISMAEL PEREZ takes us on a journey through different dimensions and frequencies.

Coming from the land down under, the notion of the Dreamtime always intrigued me so it was a delight to interview author Ismael Perez to delve further into, 'Our Cosmic Origin'.

How do you ground yourself to produce your knowledge into something so tangible such as your book, ‘Our Cosmic Origin’?


I’ve always been disciplined as far as I recall …when it comes to my routine I stick to it. If I put my mind to something and I set any particular goal I stick to it no matter what.

So from the beginning I have always felt like I was more of a vehicle for higher intelligences or instrument rather to bring forth information that hasn’t yet been restored to the earth because this is information that was once common knowledge during the days of Atlantis but of course due to the infiltration of the dark hats and you know their alien overlords..a lot of this information became omitted from all records in histories so to me it was more of I need to be disciplined,  I need to keep my vessel clean.  I need to keep my mind clean, my body and of course..I need to meditate in order for me to be able to anchor and download all this information because I knew that I had some sort of connection to my multidimensional self, I call it my galactic self and in order for me to establish that clear connection I need to be in the right state of mind.  I need to be healthy, physically, it’s a balance.


So to me it’s all about discipline knowing that my purpose here was greater than just the average Joe and that I was being used by these higher intelligences that were you know, getting ready to bring forth this information when the time was right and so that’s how that book came about.

It was a two way process, it was me getting downloads, for getting these transmissions, from my higher self.

And then it was also me doing the research to back it up.  So I did develop an intense zeal for investigation for uncovering and researching …information that isn’t available to the general public in order to see if there is confirmation or validation of the information I was receiving from my transmissions and lo and behold there was the research was there to back it up.not only from quantum physics which is the new avenue of science that is bridging the gap between ancient spirituality and cutting edge science in favour of creation by intelligent design and all that stuff so it’s a culmination of everything.

You mentioned there was a timing to everything..and I find this interesting because if something isn’t meant to happen you’ll come up against so much resistance and as much as a part of yourself call it ego wants it to be scheduled to a certain time frame it just down’t happen. How do you go about that? Do you find yourself getting frustrated?

At times I would sit there in front of my laptop and I wasn’t connecting so I would try to figure out what to write and I came to the conclusion that I could only write when I’m in that state of mind because it just flows … without that connection to the higher levels or to my higher self, there is no flow, there is no transmission. So yeah I found myself in many cases in the production of the Cosmic Origin. That’s why it took me10 years.  There were times when I took a year off you know I put down the manuscript, it was incomplete and I would just take a whole break for a year..sometimes a year and a half because I wasn’t connecting you know and every time I connected I would get back to the manuscript but overall I was guided by something greater than myself.


I love that and I guess because timing is not relevant to those dimensions whereas down here it is so there is that conflict perhaps?

So true.

Would you say people of a higher frequency have a harder time to be disciplined in general?

No it’s actually the other way round. I would say people that are vibrating of a higher frequency are part of the reason they are vibrating of a higher frequency is because they are in control of their thoughts, they’re in control of their emotions, they set their intention for the day.  In other words they are in control of their circumstances.  They are becoming masters of their own life and that is what we came here to do to learn how to master our mind, our thoughts and pretty much be the co-creators of our own realities. 

So you mentioned diet helps, certainly keeping that clear vessel, polluting it with what we call junk food would that block those downloads?

Not only junk food but also drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Those are all toxins that pollute the communication transmissions.  When you don’t have a healthy body it’s very hard to communicate with the higher intelligences because your body is like a river when the river is clogged with debris there is no flow of communication but as soon as you take away the toxins, the debris and all the clutter that comes from all these negative things, consumption what we put in our body then you become a clear channel.

Thank you so jumping straight to something different..straight to love actually.  Do you believe love is a feeling that comes from earth?

Well love is an innate ..I guess it’s something that is already embedded within us because we all come from love, from the point of pure love everything was made all of the creations stems from that point. Pure love, unconditional, compassion, understanding. So we all have that within us to love you know, every single specie out there ..not just speaking about those here on earth but I’m talking about those that are inhabiting the multiverse..everyone has that within us, we all seek it, we all want to be loved, we all want love it’s part’s inherited within us. 

As children of the one that is the number one thing that we all fundamentally whether we know it or not are after,,we want to have that connection with others, that unconditional connection with others because that’s the state of the universe. 

You know the universe is one big loving mechanism, it’s the reason why everything exists because of that unconditional love is flowing everywhere and it translates into universal life force which sustains life and without that universal life force that sustains life which is generated by pure love and compassion everything will just fall out of place and nothing will exist anymore. 

So that’s what holds that’s the glue of creation pretty much at the fundamental level. Some call it the unified force, some call it the spirit of God but when you analyse it what generates the spirit of God?  What gives rise to this unified force that binds and permeates all of its existence? Compassion and love.  

Oh yea I love that

When this question came to me this other thought came to me as well.. forgive me if it sounds really weird.

Would you say the energy of love helped Moses part the red sea?

I think it was a huge component yea..I think he was already living from his heart chakra. From the day he started his mission in the liberation of the Israelites back in those days he was already embedded in compassion.  He knew he was an instrument and that his purpose then was bigger than to you know change the course of history and so in order to be an instrument of the higher forces you have to be anchored in love otherwise there is no buddha’s there is no Jesus there are no Abraham’s there are no prophets.

It makes you wonder so for those people who are atheist are they simply blocked ..maybe they have a blocked heart chakra?

Perhaps yeah. Perhaps they have a blocked heart chakra or they’re just unaware, unawakened yet you know a lot of the people who are atheist they are an antagonist organised religion.  They are like rebels.  So if they say organised religion says there is a God, well I’m going to believe not ..without investigating it for themselves and realising that it’s not the ..God is not how religion portrays ..God is beyond the concept of just one man sitting on the throne with a beard judging us.  No that’s the old concept.   So I guess that’s where we went wrong. 

Have you had much thoughts on Australia?...

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